Afrah Plaza | Imad Karam | Demetrios
Richness in creation is the offspring of instinct and exploration.
From his mother, Imad Karam inherited the passion for designing beauty. In the corners of her boutique and since his early childhood, he developed the acumen of bringing materials to life and creating shapes that moved in freedom.

Imad Karam always populated his sphere with carefully selected art pieces that embodied mostly feminine beauty, his ever growing muse and source of inspiration. From his deep knowledge that colors only adorn the core, Imad Karam focused on white that addresses the inner soul. White dresses became his dynamic force to release true nature, exude intuition and show up inward glow.

He owes his success to talent, hard work and to this extended knowledge of women's need to feel unique and vibrant... Sheer fabrics like lace, muslin, silk, organza and satin fuse between his fingers in transcendent expressions of "The simple yet sublime".

Throughout his collections over years, Imad Karam developed a distinctive style that appealed to most discerning tastes among famous figures and crowned heads. He simply designs attitude...